What we see here is all that is left of a huge quantity of material which was passed down from generation to generation by our people in olden days. These artifacts are all that is left of a huge hoard of artifacts which had been the property of a number of Bapedi, Zulu and Matugulu kings.

These artifacts are the sacred relics that I mentioned in several of my writings, which I inherited through my maternal grandfather, who was a healer in the service of the Zulu king, Dingane. These things are not just ornaments, they’re not just necklaces; they are books and precious mementoes of great things that happened in our country in olden times.


Necklace Goddess carvingNecklace Goddess carvingNecklace Goddess carvingNecklace Goddess carving

Necklace Goddess carving

This necklace shows a figure of definitely Middle Eastern or North African appearance. It shows the Goddess Thandi who is said to be a white woman with long hair and at the back of this figure there is strange writing which is not African.


Credo holding the Venda stone

Venda stoneVenda stone detail


This artifact was used for secret rituals involving star beings.
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Ancient sword


This sacred symbol here is very, very, very old and it shows the Eye of God with a sign underneath it which we are told is the sacred name of the Almighty which no one may pronounce.

Necklace for counting prayersNecklace for counting prayers

It has the Eye of God and the stone of worrying. That red stone embedded in there is a stone that a king must rub whenever he is worried.

This sacred symbol here is very, very, very old and it shows the Eye of God with a sign underneath it which we are told is the sacred name of the Almighty which no one may pronounce.

Here is another Necklace for Counting Prayers. This one comes from Namibia. It was brought to the land of the Zulus by the wave of trade. The sacred stone Rose Quartz is believed to be the bringer of peace and again the secret of drilling these and other stones, has been lost to our people forever. How they did it, we don’t know, but at one time in Africa, a person could confidently drill even the hardest stone that was available to them.

We have lost so much, we, the people of Africa.


The sun is here represented as a flower with two leaves on either side of it. Suspended from the petals of the sun are two figures, a male and a female and suspended also from there, is a piece of rain stone or crystal.

Necklace of the sunNecklace of the sunNecklace of the sun

Necklace of the sun

This sacred necklace was worn by Mudjadji, the first Rain Queen in South Africa. She wore this necklace whenever she was conducting rain-making ceremonies.  

Her name, Mudjadji, means Person of the Sun. These marks on these leaves here are not just decorations, they are writing, telling us how rain should be made


Stone for looking into the future

Stone for looking into the futureStone for looking into the futureStone for looking into the futureStone for looking into the future

This artifact illustrates the loss of valuable indigenous knowledge, which is prevalent in every aspect of life in Africa today.

The object that I am holding in my hands is known by anthropologists in our museums as a weight for a digging stick. We are expected to believe that this stone was made by a Bushman, in order to act as a weight for his or her digging stick. This is absolute rubbish.

These stones in Ancient Greece, in Ancient Africa and other parts of the world, were originally used for focusing human thought and for looking into the future.


One of two star necklaces representing sacred teachings which tell what our people believed regarding the Cosmos, regarding Creation and regarding God. This necklace shows that our people believed in God the Mother, God the Father, and God the Son, that the idea of a trinity was already in existence amongst our people. The other is the Necklace of the Great Mysteries.

Star necklace

It was a favourite ornament of our great Zulu King, Shaka.

It would take too long to reveal all the secrets that are engraved on this necklace, but let me show you. This stone here is verdite. It is quite a hard stone and yet our people, at one time, had the knowledge of carving this stone and drilling it and other stones, like that rose quartz piece over there. This knowledge has been lost forever.

Star necklace

On this necklace we see an interesting engraving of a flying saucer landed on the ground and an African chief approaching it to plead with the entities inside this flying object, thus giving his people time to escape from the village.

It is said that when King Shaka was murdered in 1828 by his half brothers, Shaka was wearing this necklace and his blood smeared this necklace. Skaka’s half brother Dingane removed the necklace from Shaka’s body and took it to his own hut.  It did not bring him any good luck rather the reverse.


Representations symbolizing God the Mother and God the Father.


Our people knew about microscopes. This disc here has got tiny holes in it. These holes were filled with fresh water by the wise men who owned this necklace before me and looking through this hole when it’s filled with water, at an object, the magnification is amazing. Our people could see germs. They could see bacteria and they gave it a name and they saw it through microscopes such as this.

Ancient microscope

When Zulus saw germs, they called them AMATSUWANE, the most ultimate animals, the tiniest living animals. When the Basuto people saw germs through their water drop microscopes, they called them the DINONOKANA, the tiny creeping tormentors. When the Shangane people of Mocambique and the Eastern Transvaal saw germs they called them the TSONGA NTSONGANA, the spiral treacherous ones.

This also represents the sun and the eight planets our people knew as revolving around the sun. Mars and Venus the Daystar are depicted. Venus is the custodian of all mystic knowledge and Mars is also a custodian of knowledge.  Mars was inhabited and was destroyed in a very great war. 

People of Africa know about the face on Mars. The last queen who ruled Mars, made her own face on the surface of that planet. She was the Great Cat Queen represented by the Sphinx of Giza in Egypt.

Necklace of the Great Mysteries

This star necklace, this big one is called the COMET NECKLACE. On it we see many objects, many pendants.

Necklace of Great Mysteries

Credo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detailCredo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detail

Credo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detail

Credo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detailCredo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detail

Credo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detail

There was a time when our people knew that the earth was round. They believed that the earth was shaped like a fruit, a marula and that human beings were the tiny bloom on the surface; hence this object here.

Necklace of Great MysteriesNecklace of Great Mysteries

Inside this container, this pendant, are a number of stones, three or four, which you can see through the little holes. It is said that these stones came from the stars and were brought to this earth by an alien child who played with a human child, using these stones.

Necklace of Great MysteriesCredo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detailNecklace of Great MysteriesCredo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detail

Here we see a remnant of a tragedy. This fused piece of metal here is all that is left of the neck ornament which a king had worn, when he went to investigate an object which had landed in his territory and was causing people to disappear.

Necklace of Great Mysteries

This piece of iron shaped like a human heart is all that was left of the king’s battle axe. Whatever force was used to kill this king caused his weapon and ornament to fuse. It must have been a fire of extreme heat which killed this brave man.

Necklace of Great Mysteries

There will come a time when I will no longer be the keeper of these things and the law then decrees that these things should be buried in a deep hole as so many others were buried. When the colonialists came to Africa and when the great empires of our people were destroyed, priests and priest diviners made it their duty to dig holes far away and to bury some of these things to prevent them from falling into the hands of white people, or the uninitiated.

I sometimes wonder how much more is hidden, how much more is lost, how much more will never be found. Thank you.

Credo Mutwa's Necklace of the Great Mysteries detail


A representation of Credo’s guide, a feminine entity of the first race.


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