There have been twelve great gods up to now, we are told, but all of these gods have died after living for a certain amount of thousands of years of time.

stone faces Table Mountain sunset

We are told that this god who is still our god now, NKULUNKULU, will also die in the not so distant future and he will be replaced by the last god, the Thirteenth of his kind, who we are told, will be born out of several women’s wombs.

This god will go to the great mountains and there he will find the hidden words, as they are called, of creation and he will be required to create the world again.

stone faces Table Mountain sunset

But instead of starting from scratch to create the earth, this Thirteenth Nkulunkulu, as he is called, will create a huge earth, bigger than this one and he will give it two moons and two suns and on to this earth, as an act of justice, the Thirteenth Nkulunkulu will bring back to life, every human being and animal which ever existed on this earth.

In other words, all of us will be born again in that world.

stone people Table Mountainstone people Table Mountain

It is said that the Thirteenth Nkulunkulu will deny his godhood, he will try to live like a human being and he will be however, opposed by powerful forces and then he will go to the ends of eternity itself and there he shall find thirteen powerful kings of different nations with these thirteen kings he will rule the world for all time.


He shall have a son whose name will be Liswe, a name which means the Voice of God and Liswe will live for countless years ruling not only this earth of ours, but other earths which the Thirteenth Nkulunkulu will continue creating.

It is not only Christians in the resurrection at the end of the world. We believe in a rebirth, after the great changes have taken place on this earth. We shall all be born again. We shall all return.

stone faces Table Mountain sunset

The Thirteenth Nkulunkulu will allow all of us another chance at life so that we may rectify mistakes in our lives that we made. People will be born again to put right what they did wrong in this world.

There will be recreation. God will re-create the earth again, but it will be the same earth, repaired healed and renewed. Of course there will be two suns and two moons.

stone faces Table Mountain sunset

We believe that the first people were not black, but red, that they were red because the Earth Mother gave birth to them in a place where there was a lot of red ochre. Some say the Earth Mother gave birth to the first people, and then accidentally menstruated over them in the cave where she kept them protected. So Red is a very important colour in African religion.

We believe that the god who protects the north is white, chalk white. The god who protects the east is yellow. The god who protects the west is red and the god who protects the south is black.

These are the four gods or kings, whom the coming god will also activate and awake from their long sleep, so that they can help him in the task of re-creation.

stone faces Table Mountain sunset

I say again that South Africa is a land of mystery, a paradise that should be looked deeply into, because we human beings know nothing about our origins. We know nothing about where we came from and where, possibly, we are going.

If you want to know your origin, you must delve deep into the past and also take wings and fly into the future.

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