Galube woman

This exquisite sculpture led me to look at archaeological finds of elongated skulls. They are to be seen in the Louvre, thousands have been found in Malta, Akhenataen and Nefertiti and their children clearly have this characteristic as just a few examples. These are not the same as those elongated skulls produced by head-binding; their structure is inherently different from human skulls.

Were these people the Galube race from the Orion constellation? Credo elaborates on them and on other celestial beings known to African people in African Wisdomkeepers documentary Celestial Knowledge.

Are we hybrid beings produced by a blend of celestial and earth DNA?

Portrayals of Akhenaton and his family in their statues and bas-reliefs show lengthened heads and faces with elongated features.

Star being

Credo Mutwa’s painting of the sacred Galube from the Orion constellation reflect similar features.

Similar cranial characteristics are also found in the long-skulled specimens of Malta and the craniums of the Amarna dynasty statues and the craniums of Malta are practically identical. X-rays of the skull of Tuthankamun, Akhenaton’s son, also show a dolichocephalous cranium.

The possibility of the existence of such a race is supported by discoveries in pre-dynastic tombs, in the northern part of Upper Egypt, of remains of individuals with bigger skulls and bodies than the native population, with so much difference to exclude them from the local population. The skulls of Malta which were examined are dated 2500 B.C.

Star beings, gods from the sky, advanced knowledge of the cosmos, of the elements, of genetics, the reproduction, creation and manufacture of human beings, the ability to fly, is recorded in ancient texts and held by highly evolved indigenous cultures and enclaves of sacred and scientific knowledge worldwide.

The African history speaks of a time before there were people in Africa, of man-made people, of gods and goddesses, of a time when the African continent was a continent of animals, of the sinking of a continent into the Atlantic Ocean and the arrival of the first people on the African continent at the Congo River basin. They were a goddess and a man-made man and they populated the African continent from there.

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