The relationship between dolphins and humans related from the traditional African perspective.

Dolphins are sacred to African people. They are linked to the Sirius star system and beings who, in ancient times, brought knowledge and sacred laws, still respected today.

I had the exceptional pleasure of traveling with Credo Mutwa along the southernmost coast of Africa, through the spectacular Wilderness on the Garden Route to the Surfer’s Paradise, Jeffrey’s Bay. 

In an exquisite place nearby, known as ‘The Place of Dreams’, Credo relates the African perception of dolphins, their nature, legends and history for our film.

Credo demonstrates dolphin calling and talks about communication with dolphins and interspecies communication in general and makes a powerful appeal to stop the killing of dolphins.

Credo ocean

He tells how the ancient spiritual tradition of clan totem animals results in the preservation of species and contributes successfully to nature conservation.


Communication between humans and animals exists.

Totem animals of the clans and families are an example of a cultural practice and ancient ways of life that resulted in the preservation of nature.

Credo explains the sacred relationship between dolphins and people in Africa explained and demonstrates methods used for dolphin calling.

This documentary film on dolphins produced by Ingrid Penderis, offers glimpses into the vast expanse of Africa’s largely unknown history, worldviews, knowledge and mysteries.

Credo painting dolphin

Credo explains the engravings of stark-knowledge on the green verdite dolphin, one of many objects suspended fromhis necklace of the great mysteries and makes a powerful plea against the killing of dolphins.

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