Baba Credo has built many beautiful traditional villages and healing villages illustrating different tribal styles of architecture, combining his great artistry and knowledge to create social places where traditional ways of life, education and healing take place. These once popular villages in which history, culture and African traditional knowledge and skills were kept alive are now neglected.

When Credo Mutwa resided in his beautiful villages, these places produced highly trained healers and enhanced many lives.

The local communities and people from around the world visited Baba Credo for healing, knowledge and consultation. Credo Mutwa has attracted both traditional and official African and international leaders, scientists, historians, authors, artists, the spiritual and political leaders, the medical practitioners, the intelligentsia, world royalty, and busloads of visitors and scholars over many decades.

His knowledge, his life and his works have inspired an unimaginable number of people and still help us to remember and enliven the great legacies and nature of the African people.

In the humble huts and fields of these vibrant villages, Credo Mutwa teaches. His words, songs and prayers emanate from wondrous places in the African bush alive with wild birds and animals, from small huts, sun drenched courtyards, village construction sites, star-filled fireside story-telling nights and from sacred ceremonies. From the great trees and mountains and rivers and animal witnesses of Africa, Credo’s words traveled on to world-wide cities, ancient temples, sacred places, enclaves of knowledge, his friends worldwide and on to the minds and hearts of people around the world.

Come along with us on a journey of discovery and commemorate the sites and structures in the scenic South Africa surrounds.