African people of wisdom and knowledge who wish to record and publish their stories and teachings are welcome to connect with us. We also welcome film producers, investors and benefactors who have an interest in this work to contact us.

The universally relevant nature of ancient indigenous knowledge as preserved for us by Native Americans, Tibetans, shamans and sacred practitioners worldwide has immense value for current and future generations, and for preservation of our natural environment.

The comprehensivity of ancient indigenous knowledge systems and the humanitarian heart-centred sacred traditions of Africa offer insights into nature and human potential that surpass many of the offerings from contemporary academic sciences, which are mostly short-sighted and destructive to human and planetary well-being.

The vast African Archives of memory and knowledge are opening after centuries of oppression and silence. I was especially privileged to hear many fireside stories told by Credo Mutwa, of ancient history, the origins of humanity, and the nature and history of Africa and her people. My films are intended to contribute to the communication of African history and the story of humanity from African perspective.

If my endeavour to preserve and transmit ancient African knowledge and wisdom aligns with your intentions and feelings about humanity, please join our small group of dedicated activists and contribute whatever you can to support this work. Initiatives such as these depend upon essential connections between open-hearted and open-minded people.

Traditional knowledge holders and their intellectual property are often disrespected and so I need to emphasize that our agreements regarding my films are ethical and properly legal and that wisdom keepers like Credo Mutwa benefit directly from each DVD and film sold.

Thank you for your kind interest, attention and support.

Ingrid Penderis,

Researcher and Documentary Film Maker