Celestial Knowledge reveals African traditional knowledge of sacred star beings and alien beings from other worlds.

Star being


In the film I made with Baba Mutwa he speaks about Celestial races and other alien beings. Credo describes the star beings and aliens, their origins and characteristics in detail and shows us the sculpted likenesses he created of the most widely known entities, to illustrate their appearances for us. Some of the beings are utterly dangerous creatures and some are sacred beings who greatly influenced African worldviews and sacred laws.

AFRICAN WISDOMKEEPERS presents CELESTIAL KNOWLEDGE, a double DVD which is now available here.

Celestial knowledge is an expose of alien beings and beings from the stars related by Credo Mutwa, the High Sanusi and traditional historian of the Zulu Nation.

The Celestial knowledge of Africa relates to human stellar origins.

The subject of Humanity’s relationships with beings from the stars has been resisted by the media, the academia and by modern religions even though many references are made in ancient and modern religious texts.

The advanced knowledge of astronomy in Africa is embedded in the stone temples, cave paintings and vast arrays of stone sites across Africa. Sacred arts and stories of human origins contain knowledge of 14 inhabited worlds known to African people.

Credo Mutwa elaborates extensively on the widely known aliens called: ‘Greys’. He provides a uniquely African perspective on these beings and provides first-hand experience and new, astonishing information.

Credo also talks about his own abduction and torture by these creatures.

Ancient sword

An ancient sword used in previously secret rituals involving alien beings. Credo relates the true story behind the use of this ancient artifact in his care

The Nommo from the Sirus Star System are star beings who have influenced the spiritual evolution of Africa.

Nommo alien sculpture

The Nommo are also known to the Dogon people of Mali who say that these beings brought them the advanced stellar knowledge that their people possess. The full story of the sacred beings called the Nommo and the stories of many other star beings known to African people are told in CELESTIAL KNOWLEDGE – a newly released double DVD produced by AFRICAN WISDOMKEEPERS Knowledge Preservation Films.


Credo relates his experience of the Incupasana.

Alien beings sculptures

Credo made these sculptures of various alien beings using recycled aluminium soft drink cans. He used the lost wax process of casting the metal for some of these sculptures. All these entities are featured in the African Wisdomkeepers CELESTIAL KNOWLEDGE documentary.

Alien sculptureAlien sculptureAlien sculptureAlien sculpture

Credo also talks about the sacred Galube from the Orion constellation and shows us an artifact relating to an encounter between a Galube woman and an African woman and their respective children.

Amagalube alien sculpture

Our people know fourteen races of star beings from other inhabited worlds. Some are humanoid and some are even more human than we human beings. Some are completely and indescribably alien.

Amongst the humanoids and humanlike beings are the great and very benevolent beings called the Amagalube. These Amagalube are said to control the weather of our Earth, the rain, droughts and even the destiny of various nations of our planet. Every tribe in Africa knows the Amagalube and have done for centuries.

They are described as female creatures 12 ft tall with very large heads, long slender necks, narrow shoulders, tiny breasts, almost no hips, very long legs and feet with only four toes.

They are gentle beings who gave us knowledge of fire, medicine, astronomy and astrology and many other fields of knowledge.

Audio story of the meeting between a young African woman, called Nevulana and a Galube woman from the Orion constellation.

I also publish some stories told by Credo that are not in the film, that have historical interest and are related to artifacts in his care.

Video clip

An African king who went to battle with aliens

In the traditional villages built by Credo there are concrete representations of alien beings from other worlds.

Alien sculptures BoputhatswanaAlien sculptures Boputhatswana

Alien sculptures Boputhatswana

Tokoloshe sculptures BoputhatswanaTokoloshe sculptures Boputhatswana


There are two types. There is an artificial Tokoloshe made by a sorceror and another more real and more widespread. The word Tokoloshe is a corruption of a Bapedi word togolus. A creature with a ridge in its head, a Tokoloshe is built along the lines of a chimpanzee. It has a little snout, ears like those of a bat and is covered with thick reddish short hair all over its body. From the nape of the neck over the head above the forehead and down between the eyes there is a heavy ridge of bone.

When I visited Polynesia I saw that the people build their homes on stilts. When I asked why I was given an amazing answer: “because we want to protect ourselves from the Tiki. I asked what a Tiki looks like and before all the gods of Africa the lady described to me a South Africa Tokoloshe. The sooner we understand these extra-terrestrial entities the better.

People wonder why only some people encounter these creatures and suspect that they are imaginary.

The western human mind has a fatal blind spot and refuses to see certain things. It tends to close up in shock when it is confronted by something outside its experience.

Countless people worldwide have been molested and abducted by alien creatures. Dr John Mack, a psychiatrist in England, has treated many of these traumatized patients and yet people refuse to accept the existence of creatures such as the Mantindane and the Tokoloshe.’

When visiting Credo in Kuruman with Drunvalo Melchizedek my friend and teacher, Credo showed us his paintings about African prophets and prophecies in which some extra-terrestrial beings are depicted.

These extraordinary paintings were displayed in a most unlikely gallery for such historically significant works. Six of us crowded into a small building with Credo piled with building material fire-wood and scrap metal.

Here is my film of Baba’s explanation of his marvelous paintings. The sound is a little noisy but the content is clear and fascinating.