Message from the Author

African Wisdomkeepers presents some of the natural wonders, great minds and mysteries of Africa and creates a window to the vast knowledge held in the African indigenous systems, worldviews, traditions, history, arts and ways of life.

The global economic and political oppression of African people and the social irrelevance of women, children and peace-loving men was driven mostly by ignorant and short sighted ambitions and aggressive people with seriously deluded beliefs about their own superiority.

Ideologies were enforced by warfare and brutal violence and now we have inherited a world design crafted – not by the greatest minds or the most compassionate and insightful leaders, or the collective wisdom of humanity and regrettably, not even by the elevated philosophies proposed by the great, loving spiritual teachers of the religions and spiritual traditions of earth – but instead by the most self-serving and the most brutal people on earth.

Words like weapons of mass destruction, biological, chemical and tectonic warfare, mind control, star wars, drug wars, genocide, child-abuse, terrorism and ecocide roll off our tongues.

The outcome is a disaster of devastated environments and the destruction or enslavement of billions of lives and minds worldwide. All over Africa we have an intimate experience of this and we have absolute clarity about the undesirable nature of the imposition of brutal and ignorant systems.

It is obvious that we have reached the end of this way.

African Wisdomkeepers intends to contribute to the enhancement of lives and minds by the preservation and transmission of ancient and contemporary indigenous knowledge.

The African continent represents the key to the mysteries of human genesis and origins and the source of humanity’s lost knowledge.

Thankfully, the insights of African people of knowledge and wisdom are emerging again after a long night of obscuration and attempted obliteration by colonization.

The knowledge of nature, of peaceful self-sufficient community, of the significance of feminine values and of human potential is highly relevant to humanity today and to future generations, especially at this time of environmental and social collapse.

Fortunately, we in South Africa have been influenced by great and highly conscious individuals and leaders. People like the Mahatma Ghandi, Chief Albert Luthuli, Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu are well known examples.

African Wisdomkeepers intends to present the valuable knowledge and works of great indigenous African minds and knowledgeable and gifted people, who contribute to our insight and well-being; many of whom have not been media visible.

Great planetary teachers and comprehensive thinkers worldwide arise and reach us and all of Nature continues to tell us the truth and to emanate wonders.

The collective wisdom gleaned from the vast experience of the First Nations and ancient lineages of knowledge converges in us.

Humanity is awakening and our hearts, minds, and spirits are focused on creative solutions and humanitarian and Earth-honouring ways are returning even in the face of warfare, starvation and persecution imposed by those who have no hearts.

I trust that the warmth and expanse and the beauty of the African Spirit that has permeated my life will benefit every visitor to this site in some way.

It is time to request that all scientists and leaders turn away from whatever is unsuitable for human and environmental well-being to serve the elevated responsibilities we have entrusted them with and reward them for.

Humanity, the power of love, and respect for the sacred nature of life, will prevail as we act collectively to heal, to free ourselves and others, to live honourably, to expand our knowledge and compassion, to refine our sensibilities, to enhance lives and minds and to create harmony.

About the Author

Ingrid Penderis is an independent researcher and documentary film maker, explores indigenous knowledge, nature and spiritual traditions. She seeks out ancient and widely relevant knowledge, comprehensive thinkers and traditional wisdom keepers.

Ingrid creates social initiatives in South Africa in many different cultures and her documentary film work arises from her concern about the loss of valuable ancient knowledge and the uniquely evolved insights and worldviews of Africa to future generations.

Her work is motivated by her personal experience and insights relating to the devastating effects experienced by indigenous people of the world and Africa in particular and the precious knowledge systems and spiritual traditions that are lost and fragmented when minds and cultures are violently colonized.

She has long term personal relationships with the indigenous traditional leaders and healers she works with. She protects their intellectual property rights and they benefit financially directly from the sale of her films via proper agreements.

Her in-depth interviews with Credo Mutwa are unique and are her natural first choice for publication in African Wisdomkeepers. She is also releasing some of her documentary films and is pleased to present the first titles in the series Credo Mutwa Speaks and to publish some related interviews and images.

These rare documentary films can now be purchased directly from this site exclusively.