I visited Credo in Kuruman with Drunvalo Melchizedek my beloved friend and teacher.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Drunvalo, like several other traditional healers in South Africa and elsewhere, felt that Credo Mutwa was not well and in need of help and felt compelled to visit him. He brought a plant remedy from Central America, one of Slim Spurling’s harmonizers and his love. Those of us who know Drunvalo know the distinctive quality of his love

I had been with Drunvalo in Hartebeestpoort for days in advanced metaphysics classes. Being in his company is always a treasured experience for me and making the journey to Credo with Drunvalo expanded my time with Drunvalo into a further wonderful experience. Being present at a meeting of minds and hearts of two of the world’s great Wisdomkeepers and planetary teachers is a rare pleasure and privilege.

Credo Mutwa

For the first few hours I naturally refrained from filming. Their meeting had the intimate atmosphere of a reunion of old friends and they spoke freely and got straight to the points on wide-ranging, relevant and expansive subjects.

energy device

The conversation ranged from personal concern about challenges to Baba Credo’s well-being, to his concerns about Africa and then they moved on to the human condition, human origins, water, stones, gold, the celestial realms and celestial events, spiritual evolution and insights and remedies to heal humanity and the earth.

Drunvalo and CredoDrunvalo and CredoDrunvalo and CredoCredo Mutwa

Both men have such enormous heart and their consciousness, their work, their knowledge and their concerns are of cosmic proportion.


Here in Kuruman Credo is again creating a centre of social enhancement and art as he has done before in several places in South Africa. His beautiful traditional African villages and monumental sculptures are in Boputhatswana, Soweto and at Shamwari Game Reserve in Eastern Cape.

Sculpture gardenSculpture gardenSculpture gardenSculpture garden

We explored the surroundings where Credo has built a clinic, planted stones and a medicine garden.


Students showing sculptureStudents showing sculpture 


Here Baba Credo has taught the local young men welding and creative concrete and metal sculptures are appearing relating to African History and stories. In this way his young HIVAIDS patients are skilled and dignified in a community where they were ostracized before. Patients of the traditional clinic using his traditional plant medicines are doing well.


We then followed Baba Credo into a small storeroom where he showed us his most recent paintings about African prophets and prophecies in which world events and extra-terrestrial beings are depicted.

Credo showing paintingCredo showing painting

These extraordinary paintings were displayed in a most unlikely gallery for such significant works of art. We crowded into a small building piled with building material fire-wood and scrap metal where he explained the paintings to us.